Short+ Sweet Hollywood 2017

Short + Sweet Hollywood 2017

Week 5: Internationals Week – August 17-20!

This week features some of the best and brightest from all around the world, bringing their talents to the S+S stage to see if they can cut in #10minuteglory. Groups from Australia and New Zealand and plays from the UK with local casts come together in our last week of regular competition before finals!

Works you can experience in our Week 5 line up include:

How To Write A Ten Minute Play-The Ten Minute Play
Written by Pete Malicki
Directed by Matt Ritchey
Performed by Bob Telford, Nic Hodges, and Alyson Seberoff

Written by Stephen Cooper
Directed by Joelle Arqueros

T-3 Trojan
Written by Judith Duncan
Directed by John F. O’Donnell
Performed by Ariel Alflalo and Sardina Robinson

My Name Is Lucinda
Written & Directed by Lisa Kalaher
Performed by Margareta Moir

The Golden Years
Written by Joe Starzyk
Directed by Deidra Edwards
Performed by Catherine Quinn & Robert Fleet

Arthur and Marilyn
Written by Jasper Lee-Lindsay
Directed by Danen Young
Performed by Alec Ebert and Meg Hyeronimus

Come Die With Me
Written by Victoria Connerty
Directed by Marisa O’Brien

Sit Down Dinner
Written by Marsha Robert
Directed by Yeni Alverez
Performed by Renee Victor, Ruben Rabasa, and Sean Leon

Late For School
Written by Iain Moss
Directed by Juliette Jeffers
Performed by Aishveryaa Nidhi

Out Of The Woods
Written by Brenton Amies & Cam Ralph
Directed by Brenton Amies
Performed by Brenton Amies & Cam Ralph

Catch Pete Malicki (Literary Manager, Short + Sweet and celebrated playwright) and Mark Harvey Levine (one of the most oft-performed 10 minute playwright in the world) in a workshop designed to help you write your best 10 minute play possible!
Tuesday, August 22nd at 8pm
at Stella Adler Main Stage
Admission is free but please RSVP.


Future Dates:
Week 6 (Finals Week): August 24-27

Final Gala: Sunday, August 27 at 7pm!

Tickets are on sale. Check the facebook page or website for updated information. Questions? Email