Declan Michael Laird

Alumnus Declan Michael Laird recently booked two movies: a supporting role in Ice Cream Truck and the lead role in One Of Us. He is also producing two projects that are in the late stages of pre production. One being a television series which he will co-produce with ‘Legions Of Creative’ which is run by legendary producer Roberto Orci and actor/producer Orlando Jones. The series is called The Wake Up and will be a series of comedy shorts. The other is a documentary on the homeless soccer world cup in his hometown of Glasgow. It is the tenth year anniversary of the tournament, and it will focus on mental health, addiction and homelessness of the players getting prepared for the tournament. This is co-produced with a company called ‘Noah Media’ who produced the Bafta winning and Oscar nominated documentary Steve McQueen – The Man & Le Man’s.

Past credits include a television pilot for a major network that was directed by Guy Norman Bee (Criminal Minds, Revolution, Arrow), and the TV series Camp Abercorn.